Thesis Writing Help

Nowadays, studying in college or university is impossible without writing skills. From the admission process to graduation, students have to demonstrate their ability to think and lay out their thoughts in the written form. First, they do it to prove they are a good fit for colleges and worth admitting, Second, they express their perception of concepts, theories, and events in different disciplines through writing assignments.

The most common type of writing during the college years is an essay, but today, we will take a look at another important kind of writing every student needs to be proficient at – the thesis writing. The peculiarity of this assignment is that a student usually has only one attempt to write and submit it, and all years of their studies and research are wrapped up by this task. The quality of this paper determines whether a student will be granted a diploma about the successful completion of the bachelor, master’s, or doctorate degree. Hence, doing your best in thesis writing is a must for becoming a college graduate. To help you get through the process of writing a thesis, we created this guide. Bookmark it to get back to reading our tips on all stages of preparation for this assignment.

What Is A Thesis?

A thesis is a paper in which a student or a researcher presents their findings on a specific topic to get the qualification at the end of their studies. This paper is comprehensive and time-consuming since the student or researcher needs to examine a lot of existing studies on the subject, find blank spots in the previous research of the problem, choose methods of research, and conduct their own investigation of the issue. The features and demands of a thesis and its overall complexity are determined by the state, educational program, and the college or university that will evaluate the paper.

How to Write a Thesis?

Now that you know what a thesis is, it’s time to find out how to write it.

The first tip that we can give you is planning. To conduct detailed research and describe it in writing, you need to have enough time and energy, so make sure that you have your job, studies, social life, and thesis writing scheduled well and all spheres of your life are balanced.

The second thing that you need to do is to decide who will do all the work. Ask yourself ‘Who will write my thesis for me?” and give a sincere answer. You may see that there is no time in your schedule for thesis writing and that you need to assign it to someone. You can also find out that you have a lot of time and desire to do it on your own.

If you have decided to delegate your writing to someone online or offline, you need to know how to choose the right person to do it for you. In the next sections, you will find out who can write a thesis online for you today.

Can Someone Write My Thesis For Me?

Since custom writing is very popular today, you will have no trouble  searching for an individual to complete your final paper for you. Numerous custom writing platforms, content-writing agencies, and independent freelance authors offer thesis writing services today. Your task is to choose the most reliable and experienced person or company to do it for you. Below you can see the list of things that a writing service has to offer to be considered trustworthy:

  1. Numerous positive reviews on the web. It is the first thing that you should pay attention to and the easiest one to check before you order the thesis online. Either a writing platform or an independent writer should be popular enough to have a lot of positive reviews and cases of the successful completion of similar assignments. If there are no reviews or they look suspicious, do not settle for such a service;
  2. Customer Support. You have to know who will deal with your issues and claims if you have any and how to reach out to them. A decent writing agency has 24/7 Customer Support to serve its customers anytime;
  3. Guarantee of following the deadlines. Granting the diploma and graduation depends on the thesis, so there should be no such thing as the late delivery of the draft by your ghost writer. Check how the writing agency of your choice deals with late submissions of the papers and then decide whether it is worth your money;
  4. Strict  plagiarism policy. The presence of any unoriginal content in your paper can end up in expulsion from your educational establishment. Hence, find out how your writer and their employer check the authenticity of the content they sell to you;
  5. Progressive delivery. The ability to check the paper as the writer is working on it is important so that you could see that they understood your assignment correctly. If you cooperate with a freelance author, you should agree on the delivery parts of the draft by certain deadlines. Large writing agencies usually offer this feature by default;
  6. Safe payment methods. As online payments become more and more popular, scammers use the websites of writing platforms to rip off trustful customers. Checking the payment methods and policy beforehand can save you from the fraud and waste of the precious time on writing your thesis;
  7. Refund policy and a guarantee of money return. A decent thesis writer will always guarantee a refund to ensure your customer satisfaction if anything is wrong with your paper. So if you see that a writing platform does not offer full refunds, close their websites immediately: they are scammers who want to steal your money.

Best Thesis Writing Sites

HandMade Writing is a platform that hosts professional English-speaking writers from all over the world and helps customers with content creation for academic purposes. The company was founded in 2013 and the first customers arrived in 2015. Since that time, over 700 writers registered on the platform have completed more than 150,000 orders on different subjects. Thesis writing is one of the most popular services of HandMade Writing due to the high quality of the final drafts, speed of the task fulfillment, and zero tolerance to plagiarism. The prices are quite fair and start at $13 per page of the thesis.

Another academic writing website that offers a wide variety of assignments to order. The company joined the custom writing market not so long ago, but it already has almost 90,000 papers written by over 1,500 authors. The prices for a thesis paper start at $12.65 per page and are affordable even for college students. EssayUsa has a satisfaction rate of over 95% and is quite transparent and trustworthy.

The company working for the USA and the UK market, ExtraEssay is a provider of high-quality papers and essays for students and young researchers. Although it is also a young firm like EssayUsa, it has already over 10,000 new customers per year and the 85% customer return rate. The writers who cooperate with ExtraEssay value professionalism and reliability above all, so you can be sure about your safety if you trust them with your thesis. The prices here start at $11 per page of thesis writing.

Thesis Writing Tips

In case you plan to write a thesis on your own, there are a few more tips for you to follow:

  • Get a novel topic. Writing on concepts and ideas that were discussed a lot is tough since you are not likely to invent anything new. Therefore, picking a less developed topic will demonstrate your creativeness and scientific curiosity;
  • Gather as much information as possible. Even if your topic is not very popular, you have what it takes to find a lot of materials for it. Visit libraries online and offline, ask your academic adviser for help, search for the related articles in the up-to-date literature, and you will get enough proofs to support your reasoning;
  • Structure your writing. Be sure to learn the structure of a thesis and stick to it. The form and the content are equally important in academic writing;
  • Write everyday. Even if it’s only one or two pages, write them. Developing a habit of daily writing will help you to stop being scared of the blank screen of your laptop and write naturally;
  • Do not be afraid to edit. Correcting yourself and proofreading is the best thing you can do to your thesis after it’s written, so do not overlook these steps in your work;
  • Remember that the best is the enemy of the good. Finally, if you like the way your thesis sounds, stop correcting it and think about how to make it better. You did a great job and now you deserve a rest. And your diploma, of course.

Professional Thesis Writing Help from Ph.D. Writers

All the services we mentioned above offer a thesis writing done by the Ph.D. researchers who are at the same time perfect English speakers. Thus, you do not have to worry about the qualification of an individual who will write your thesis for you if you turn to the mentioned services for help.


Is it legal to write a thesis for money?

Seeking prepaid academic assistance is allowed in the USA. However, if your paper will get caught with plagiarism issues, you may end up being expelled from the college without a right for reacceptance.

How much does it cost to write a thesis?

The prices vary by subject, complexity, and urgency of your thesis, but in general, you can hope for getting a thesis paper for $11-13 per page.

Can I get into trouble for plagiarism?

The majority of colleges and universities in the USA and the UK have harsh anti-plagiarism policies and punish those who breach them severely.